Work alongside passionate and like-minded colleagues who believe in making a difference. You’ll have a whole support team behind you, committed to your development as a clinician in this exciting field. If you’re passionate about this industry and the people we assist, the sky is the limit! As a large, national allied healthcare provider, we can offer a clearly defined career path for graduates, who can progress to senior clinician and/or into clinical management.

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vivir healthcare aged care career physiotherapy

The Vivir graduate program involves:

  • 12-month professional development program
  • Thorough onboarding to ensure you have the best possible start in your career at Vivir
  • A coaching and mentoring program
  • Access to the Vivir Hub (intranet) and iLearn (online learning) for specialised tutorials and guides
  • The opportunity for travel interstate
  • Experience in regional and rural placements
  • Career progression in clinical and non-clinical opportunities
  • Financial support for external professional development throughout the year and beyond the graduate program.

It’s an exciting time to work in the aged care industry. As Australians live longer, there is an increasing demand for aged care clinicians, providing great opportunities for progression as well as plenty of scope to genuinely help other people.

We will support you throughout your development to help you reach your career goals.

EmilyNew Graduate

“The graduate program has supported me by allowing me to gain clinical experience and independence with a very supportive team behind me. I am able to participate in personal development sessions to improve my knowledge and began work by shadowing an experienced Vivir clinician; which made my transition into the work force much easier. The constant support from team leaders is also invaluable.”

TobySenior Therapist

“I have worked for many companies in varied health care roles and I really value the autonomy I am given in my position with Vivir. I consult with the Residential Facility Manager but I am free to structure my day as I best see fit to cover the workload. The residents care needs often change from week to week and having the freedom to adapt my work week to better align with their needs is a welcome experience. Vivir provides me with the opportunity to work with a client that is not focused on short term management of an acute injury that is experiencing temporary interruption to their quality of life.”


“An awesome organisation to work for. They really care about their clients and staff. Great job, awesome work.”